5 Best Super Mario Android Games

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5 Best Super Mario Android Games

5 Best Super Mario Android Games – True gamers must have played an old school game called Super Mario Bros. It is considered as one of the legendary games that appeared in 1985. In the past, the Super Mario Bros game could only be played from a Nintendo console.

Unlike today, there are already many choices of online games on the best and trusted sites like https://goavitae.com/ with a myriad of features.

The “comeback” moment of the Super Mario game gave fans a fresh air. Moreover, to enjoy a game like this, it is enough via an Android or iOS smartphone. Judging from the game version, it is varied so that it can be played according to taste. Don’t hesitate to try it because the Super Mario android game is not inferior to the original game before.

5 Best Super Mario Android Games

Curious about the 5 most awaited Super Mario android games. Check out the following reviews!

1. Super Mario Run

5 Best Super Mario Android Games

Game developers don’t seem to want to disappoint fans of the Super Mario legend game. As a result, Nintendo is back with the Android version of Super Mario Bros. However, this time it was named Super Mario Run. In one month after the release of the Super Mario Run game on the PlayStore, it shows that it has been downloaded 900,000 times.

Fans of this game admit that the gameplay is fun and addictive. Moreover, what is presented in Super Mario Run is exactly the same as the Nintendo console version of the Super Mario game.

Players will play the character of Super Mario who is trying to save Princess Peach during an adventure. The uniqueness of this game is that it has 3 game modes, namely Toad Rally, Kingdom Builder, and World Tour.

2. Super Bino Go

This game is also classified as a Super Mario android game which has similarities with Super Mario. Judging from how to play it is the same. You will play the character of Super Mario who tries to collect coins during his adventure.

However, to take coins you have to complete challenges and pass difficult obstacles. Where these obstacles and challenges are related to monsters. There is no need to worry because the way to defeat a monster is enough to stomp until the monster is lifeless.

3. Lep’s World?

Lep’s World game has the same concept as the Super Mario game from Nintendo. However, Lep’s World packs it up more exciting and challenging. In addition, there are 136 levels that contain different challenges.

Lep’s World also spoils its players with 6 different regions that are ready to use. The additional feature that is different from the Super Mario game is fighting 9 different enemies or monsters.

4. Lep’s World 2

After gaining the success of the first version of Lep’s World, Lep’s World 2 is back. Even though it is considered the second version, the gameplay is still the same as the Super Mario game on the Nintendo console.

What makes Lep’s World 2 different from the first version is its upgraded features. If previously it only provided 136 levels, now it has been minimized to just 90 levels. However, there are more regional elections, namely increasing to 10 regions.

5. Lep’s World 3

Game Lep’s World doesn’t seem to want to give up the nickname as one of the best Super Mario Android games. Now trying out the advanced version, Lep’s World 3, which still features the Super Mario game concept. However, the third version does not present a different setting.

It’s just that the difference is the unique appearance of Lep’s World 3 story line. Where the story line is preceded by the appearance of a beautiful and peaceful Leprechaun village. However, the atmosphere turned rowdy as many monsters caught the citizens and stole gold. In this game you have to save citizens and find the stolen gold. / Dy

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