Marvels Spider-Man Review: Back In The Slummer Trophies

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Marvels Spider-Man Review

Is it the best game you ever play? Finding the best game with the best game is not an easy job. It’s more than an adaptation from the series of comics to a video action game. Furthermore, it’s hard to create the same superhero character. The Spider-Man’s fans in the world have the potency to claim their protest if their favourite character isn’t perfect in the game version. But today we won’t discuss more this thing. We have selected a more attractive issue related to the game of Marvel’s Spider-Man. Today is a good day to break down the pros and the cons of Marvel’s Spider-Man through a brief review we call Marvels Spider-Man review. 

Marvels Spider-Man Review, The Pros

The Storyline

Game Details:

DeveloperInsomniac Games
PublisherSony Interactive Entertainment
PlatformPlayStation 4
Official Site

Just like creating a new superhero story, here Insomniac Games has to dig into the history of Spider-Man from the comic series and create their own version of the plot. In Marvel’s Spider-Man you will play the role of the iconic Spiderman Peter Parker, where he has graduated from college and begins to look for new goals in his life apart from being a hero. 

If you only follow Spider-Man from the film series, then don’t be surprised if the Peter you see in this game will be very different, because apart from not working as a reporter for the Daily Bugle anymore, he also has a more playful and sarcastic nature as written in Marvels Spider-Man review. This video game is one of the best PS4 story gamesGD Games Version.

New Peter 

Marvels Spider-Man Review, The Pros

If you are curious, the figure of Peter depicted in this game is taken directly from the Earth-616 version, which is the main foundation of the comic series. Of course the comic series also carries the concept of parallel worlds, so there is a scenario where Peter could be a different figure instead of the Spider-Man we know. Marvel itself, based on Marvel’s Spider-Man review, has confirmed that this game has a storyline that this adaptation game is a new sequel this time summarized in the game version.

Thrilling Gameplay

Marvels Spider-Man Review, The Pros

For a game that relies on action as one of its main selling points, Marvel’s Spider-Man, one of the cheap video games online in Gdgames store, manages to build a gameplay concept with a strong identity of its own. Exploring the city of New York with spider webs may seem ordinary on paper, but when implemented in a flowing gameplay system, the gaming experience offered feels extraordinary and addictive. 

Here players are presented with a gameplay system that not only provides the opportunity to act cool like Spider-Man but also experiments with their respective playing styles, said the professional players in the Marvels Spider-Man review.

For example, when undergoing an ambush mission, here you can choose between facing enemies with a sneak strategy or just beating them with your bare hands and other Spider-Man’s super abilities that take advantage of the net. Don’t be provoked by the gameplay concept which at first glance looks like the Batman series, because in fact this game offers a much different sensation than that. 

Complex Camera Point of View

The only thing that can be compared is the camera point of view, the combo system and the counter when avoiding enemy attacks. The biggest differentiator here is the more complex combat and action system. 

There are no limitations whether you can face high level enemies or not, because the design of the environment is full of objects to throw at the enemy and the wider space as a swinging area alone is enough to implement a new battle strategy. Since each enemy doesn’t have a health bar, you only need to launch one to several successful combos to defeat one enemy. 

Sourced from Marvels Spider-Man review, Peter’s own defence isn’t very strong, and if you’re not careful he could be subject to some fatal attacks especially from firearms. Utilizing the power of spider-sense marked with an awareness icon above your head, you can avoid all attacks with acrobatic actions which can also be continued with combos.

When you are interrupted by groups of enemies attacking in succession, here you can launch an uppercut attack which of course can still be continued with air combos. While in the air, every action you do will not get any disturbance that destroys momentum, such as a firearm attack which can also be avoided when hanging or hovering. 

The game reviewers, on Marvels Spider-Man review, also say that with so many combo attacks that have been successfully executed, the focus bar indicator will automatically start filling up and give Spider-Man the option to launch a cool finisher attack or just fill up his health bar. If the focus bar is full, it’s time to activate the super abilities of the specific costume that Spider-Man is wearing.

Adorable Costume Choice

Marvels Spider-Man ps4 costum

That’s right, in this game you will get access to a wide variety of iconic costumes from the comic series that is not only cool in terms of appearance but also have their own special strengths. In Marvels Spider-Man review, we can also know that some of them start from the Mk II suit with bulletproof armour capabilities or Spider-Punk which can produce rock and roll style shockwave attacks. The good news is, you can still instil that power in the costume of your choice. 

For example, if you like the power of the electric punch from the Electrical Insulated Suit costume, you can transfer that power to another costume that you prefer. After getting abundant exp to level up, you will get a point attribute that can be used to unlock new super abilities through the skill tree.

High-Tech Equipment & Weapons

source: ryzn art

Apart from relying on superhuman powers, Peter is also known as a genius young man who likes to experiment. Utilizing this talent he began to create sophisticated gadgets that support his action in fighting as Spider-Man. All available gadgets have different roles and still rely on the power of the net to trap enemies to destroy their defenses. Of course, the gadgets and costumes worn can still be reinforced with tokens that can be obtained from completing various side activities.

Mechanism of Gameplay

The gameplay mechanics offered by Marvel’s Spider-Man are arguably perfect from the impressions. But unfortunately the quality of enemy AI and NPCs is sometimes still inconsistent. Like the enemy, for example, usually they will attack blindly and often spar with their colleagues. 

Based on Marvels Spider-Man review, the same thing happened when the iconic character Silver Sable sent his troops to sweep away evil in New York, but in fact the AI ​​quality of the troops was very bad and even had difficulty in defeating one weak enemy. In the end, you still have to complete all the tasks of dealing with the crime by yourself. This, of course, becomes the main attractiveness from this game. Many game reviewers agree about that. 

Fantastic & Vivid Setting of Place

The New York City setting depicted in this game really looks fantastic and full of life. As Spider-Man, this sprawling city already feels like a playground that always has appeal in every corner. Doing exploration is actually one of the activities that tend to be boring if not executed properly, but Marvel’s Spider-Man manages to offer it in an exciting and addictive gameplay format. Swinging while performing acrobatic stunts has never felt better, and you could end up spending hours just wandering around the city enjoying the gorgeous panorama.


Spider-Man offers an iconic music that plays when you start jumping and swinging also gives an epic atmosphere as if watching the film series. So fantastic, said most game reviewers in Marvels Spider-Man review. 

Varied Activities

The sprawling city of New York is also filled with a variety of side activities to do. The various activities available are divided into two categories, namely special quests and random events from crimes that occur on the streets. 

When walking around, you will usually hear snippets of news flash or police reports about crimes that have occurred on the blocked streets. Starting from a jewelry shop robbery, police chases with criminals’ cars, to kidnappings, you can solve it right away.

While special quests, according to Marvels Spider-Man review, usually consist of several different types of tasks, such as activating the tower to open wider map access, looking for school relics that Peter pinned all over the city with his net, photographing iconic landmarks to get extra tokens, and many more.

Marvels Spider-Man Review, The Cons

If he is no longer serving as Spider-Man, usually Peter will carry out his daily routine such as interacting with the people closest to him or working as an assistant to Dr. Octavius ​​(more widely known as Dr. Octopus) for assisting his research in developing mechanical hand and foot technology for people with disabilities. 

Dr. Octavius, as what is written in Marvels Spider-Man review, ​​is widely recognized as one of Spider-Man’s most iconic enemies, but this game puts him in charge of inspiring Peter to make a positive difference to the world. All research activities are presented in a fairly simple puzzle format, although unfortunately it does not provide the dominant excitement of playing and only appears as a complement.

The concept is quite unique in fact, but all the actions that Peter did in her investigation only focused on stealth missions and a little puzzle solving which ended up being less interesting. As a final addition, here the KotGa Crew can confirm that the graphics quality offered by this game is really charming and there is absolutely no downgrade as rumored.

The Conclusion

The actions of a superhero adaptation game do not always end with the expected results, but Insomniac Games has managed to reverse the situation through Marvel’s Spider-Man which comes with extraordinary quality. Marvels Spider-Man review could say that almost all aspects built in this game have been executed perfectly, especially the interesting side of the storyline inherent in the comic series as well as the thrilling gameplay full of epic moments.

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