MD88: Digging into the Deep Secret of Online Casino Malaysia

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MD88 review
MD88 review

Have you ever dreamed of hitting big jackpots like in Las Vegas? Well, if you can’t make it to the real land-based casino, then you can try to play at MD88, the best online casino Malaysia. This online casino looks great and certainly offers an excellent gaming experience. 

Our MD88 online casino review goes through all the key points that you will need to know about them. You will find what the best games you need to play, bonus and promotions, and how the services are in this online casino. So, take your time to find out important points in this casino. 

Rating: 9.0 ⭐User Experience: 8.7/10

MD88: Digging into the Deep Secret of Best Online Casino Malaysia

MD88 is one of the leading online casinos in Malaysia, providing a number of high-quality casino products and games with a secure and user-friendly interface. They have been able to make themselves ad the most reputable gambling company in the industry nowadays. Let’s dig more into the deep secrets of this online casino game. 

✅ Certified and licensed by the reputable authorities
✅ Simple web design and interface
✅ Rescue bonus to save player from going bankrupt
❌ Web loading takes longer time
❌ Inappropriate Customer Support service

MD88’s Certification and License

Of course, an online casino needs certification and license to operate legally and to ensure the safety and fairness to their services. That is why, MD88 is certified and licensed by many authorities, because they have been tested to become the most trustworthy online casino in Malaysia. 

1. Gaming Certification

MD88 is certified by many authorities like BMM, iTech Labs, iovation, and others. These are proof of verifying quality and reliability of the casino games, software, and payment methods. In addition, it is basically done by the independent testing agencies that check the security, randomness, and integrity of the online casino operations. 

2. Gaming License

MD88 is also licensed by 2 authorities: Gaming Curacao and PAGCOR.  These licenses are the official proof from authorities to an online casino to conduct gambling activities in certain countries or regions. Moreover, it also shows that this online casino complies the standard and regulations by the regulatory authority. 

MD88’s Casino Games Libraries

The number of casino games that MD88 has up our sleeve is beyond impressive. Their casino games libraries are packed with the latest releases, and a number of progressive jackpot favorites. If you are looking for the best game to play, look at some interesting games that are provided in this best online casino Malaysia. 

1. Live Casino Games

Live casino games in MD88 online casino are the type of gambling, that offers an immersive and realistic casino experience through live streaming technology. Unlike the traditional casino games, this type includes real human dealers who host the games in a real-time casino studio or a land-based casino. 

In live casino MD88, you can take part in popular casino games, such as poker, blackjack, roulette, and baccarat. You can make real virtual-interactions with the dealers via chat. Moreover, you will watch how they host the game in real-time. 

2. Online Slot Games

Slot machines are the most favorite casino games for many players. These are digital versions of the classic slot machines usually found at land-based casinos. Luckily, MD88 as the best online casino Malaysia provides the different types of online slot games. 

You can play the most interesting type slot machines, such as online classic slots, progressive jackpot slots, and Megaway slots. In addition, MD88 also has slot collections from reputable developers like Pragmatic Play, Jili Slots, CQ9, Joker Gaming, and many more. You can play the best slot games today: Striker Wild, Gates of Olympus, Wild West Gold, Koi Gate, and more. 

3. Sports Betting

As we know, sports betting is a type of gambling where players place bets in the outcome of sporting events. This casino game includes predicting the results of sports competition and placing bets on those predictions. 

In MD88 online casino, you can take part in the football matches, boxing, rugby, and more. However, before you place a bet, you need to have a knowledge of some terms in sports betting like: 

  • Parlays
  • Bookmakers
  • Point Spread
  • Over/Under
  • Moneyline
  • Etc

4. Online Lottery Games

Online lotteries in MD88 casino Malaysia offer convenience and accessibility to the players. They can take part by purchasing tickets and selecting a set of numbers. If the chosen numbers match the winning numbers, then players will be rewarded some prizes. Local players and from other countries like this casino game, as they can bet in low amounts and get a big chance of winning. 

5. Online Fishing Games

The next casino game that you can play in MD88 is Fishing Game. This game is typically found in the arcade or casual game collections of online casinos, rather than the land-based casinos. In fact, the mechanics of fishing games can be different. 

However, it often involves shooting at fish or other targets to earn the winnings. In MD88, the best online casino in Malaysia, you can play fishing games like Zodiac Hunting, Crush Pirate Ship, Dragon City, Shark Fight, and more. 

MD88’s Payment Methods

Honestly, we are not really surprised with the payment methods here. Like the other online Malaysia casinos, MD88 offers multi payments from bank transfer, e wallets, cryptocurrency, and QR. These methods will be used for making deposits and also withdrawals. 

  • Minimum Deposit: MYR 20
  • Minimum Withdrawal: MYR 50

What surprises us is the processing times of those transactions. You need only wait for the deposit and withdrawal times in 5 minutes. This is certainly the fastest process of transactions as the best online casino in Malaysia. 

MD88’s Customer Support

Even though Customer Support in MD88 gives the fastest response to our chat, however, we are not quite satisfied with their service. We were researching this online casino from a country that prohibits any form of online gambling. 

Therefore, we use a VPN from another country, Singapore. Unfortunately, the site still detects our IP Address from the original country. They told us to contact their teams on another site. This certainly makes us feel uncomfortable to contact them. 

MD88’s Bonus and Promotion

Although the online casino makes us a bit disappointed, however, they can cheer us on with their bonus and promotion. This can be beneficial for all players who are seeking other credits to place a bet. Here are some bonuses that you can claim today at MD88 Malaysia online casino.

1. Welcome Bonus up to 100%

Actually, MD88 online casino offers a type of Welcome Bonus. Of course, these benefits can be claimed based on casino games you will be playing. If you make a first deposit to play slot games, then you will be rewarded a 100% bonus. 

You will get different bonus calculations while choosing live casino games and sports betting. Therefore, you need to read the terms and conditions before making your first deposit. 

2. Weekly Rescue Bonus MYR 16,888

MD88 as the biggest entertainment platform also offers the Weekly Rescue Bonus up to MYUR 16,888. This bonus can be claimed every week. In addition, a rescue bonus means a benefit that is counted based on your losses bet. This online casino knows what every player needs to make them motivated to play more and more. 

3. Referral Bonus 0.3%

This will be the most interesting bonus, because you can get the benefits only from sharing referral links or codes. MD88 will give you 0.3% Referral Bonus when there are a few players signing up using your referrals. The more you share, the more bonus you will get! 

MD88’s Web Design and Interface

Unfortunately, we are also a bit disappointed with MD88’s web design and interface. However, let’s take a look at some points that we like from this best online casino in Malaysia. 

At the header, they make a clear design by only showing a few menus: dates and time, language, and sign in and sign up buttons. Without many elements, it would be helpful for new players to navigate. Moreover, the MD88 site supports 3 languages: Malay, English, and Chinese.

Below the header, you can find all casino game menus. This is actually a typical online casino website, which shows their game collections on the top of the site. Without much scrolling, you can find the best games to play. 

After that, you can see some big headers which are the recent promotions. This is kind of interesting as you can find out the beneficial offers from MD88 online casino. However, we are a bit disappointed with the loading times of this casino. It feels like it will take a long time until the header image fully appears. 

MD88’s Mobile App

Yes, MD88 also has their mobile app version which supports iOs and Android systems. Unfortunately, when we clicked the download button, it didn’t work at all. Perhaps, it was not our lucky time so we got in trouble when we downloaded it. 

We just hope that MD88’s professional teams will fix it soon, as there are many players who are so eager to place a bet in this best online Malaysia casino. Moreover, the mobile app version gives more flexibility to all players. 

MD88’s Extra Features: VIP Program

Usually, we tested an online casino with a few extra features like Leaderboard and VIP Program. Yes, MD88 also has an extra feature, but it is just for the VIP Program only. Never mind because we still can get the special treatments from this online casino.

This VIP Program is offered to give the loyal members more reasons to continue to play their favorite casino games. There are 5 levels of VIP Program in MD88: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. If you meet the requirement deposits, you will be rewarded more benefits, gifts, and others.

MD88’s Brand Ambassador

MD88 as one of the biggest online casinos in Malaysia has proudly announced DJ Amberna as their global brand ambassador. She is the most famous female DJs in Asia, as has performed in some countries and festivals. With high hopes, this online casino wants DJ Amberna to influence and promote their brand to her audiences. 

How to Register New Account at MD88 Best Online Casino

After reading our article and you are interested in playing at MD88 online casino, then you need to figure out how to register a new account. All players need an account to access them into this online casino. Therefore, take your time to understand some steps below:

1. Click Register button that is placed on the top right corner site

2. After that, the registration forms will appear on your screen. Create a new username and strong password. If you have a referral code, then you input it on the Affiliate/Referral columns. Click Next to continue the registration process

3. Now, you need to fulfill important forms using your valid data: full name, email, phone number, currency in your country, and date of birth. Make sure all information that you have input is correct and valid. After that, click the Register button and your account will be successfully created!

Final Thoughts

MD88 is one of the top-notch entertainment platforms in Asia. We can agree with other claims that this online casino has great web design and interface. However, we are a bit disappointed with the loading time which takes almost forever! 

We are also a bit disappointed with the Customer Support that offers us to contact other teams in another country. It feels uncomfortable as a player who is very eager to play. However, MD88 casino can cheer us with their bonus and promotion that offer up to 100%! They also provide a rescue bonus to save us from going bankrupt. 

If you are interested in playing in this online casino, you can follow our tips on how to register a new account. After that, you can make a deposit, play games that you like, and withdraw your winnings! It is time to be the next lucky player!

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