Online Slot Game Strategy: How to Manage Your Bankroll Properly

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Online Slot Game Strategy: How to Manage Your Bankroll Properly

Online slot game strategy – Managing money that you have on your member account is one of the important issues when you play an online slot game. In this case, there are thousands or more players that have to lose their money for nothing because of having to manage their bankroll.

If you are one of situs judi slot online game players and you don’t want to experience the same thing I explained before, it is the time for you to learn more about how to manage your bankroll properly.

Related to the topic of managing bankroll, in this article, I will share an online slot game strategy that you can use to make the amount of money you spend on online slot games more efficient. What do you think? Are you interested in this topic? If you are, here is a full explanation that you can read.

Online Slot Game Strategy to Manage Bankroll

According to a review released on the best Netent casino, there are 2 important things mentioned about managing bankroll. Those important things are:

Online Slot Game Strategy: How to Manage Your Bankroll Properly
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Stop Loss

If you are a beginner on playing slot online, it is clear that you have never heard about this term before. But this term is actually so familiar among veteran gamblers. If I have to explain what this term is, it is something like a limit or money you can spend on one session game.

It was often said by professional gamblers that you better not spend more than 10% of bankroll. For making it clear, you can check the example below.

Example of Applying “Stop Loss”

if you have 6000$ for your bankroll. Then the amount of money you can spend on one session of playing online slots is 10% of 6000$ = 600$.

Stop Win

The next important thing managing bankroll that you should know is called “stop win”. This term can be explained as when you have to stop playing online slot, even when you have won a lot of rewards.

Many gamblers said that there is a limit to how much money you can win on an online slot game. When you have won rewards and jackpots a couple times on one online slot game, the percentage of losing on that online slot will increase.

It is easy to say that “your winning will decrease over time”. That is why you need to learn about this “stop win”. If you understand this, you will know when exactly you need to stop playing on one online slot.

There is no exact percentage of this “stop win”, but most professional gamblers claim that you are supposed to stop when you reach 20-30% of how much money you spend on one session of playing. For clear example, you can check case below: 

Example of Applying “Stop Win”

If you have decided to spend 600$ on one session of playing an online slot game, you have to stop after you have won 20 or 30 % of that 600$. So your “stop win” will be 120 to 180$.

That is my explanation about online slot game strategy to manage your bankroll. I hope it will help to make you spend your money efficiently on online slot games. Thank you for reading my article and see you in the next few articles. / Dy

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