Playing Cards With Friends and Family

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Playing Cards With Friends

My father loved playing cards with friends and family. He started playing when he was a boy, and he never missed the opportunity to pile into a new Stud table or a handful of Patience cards.

When he put away his dice at the Casino, he would let them sit among the piles of gold on the bottomless well. The gold always seemed to attract some sort of glitter. I remember the first time I sat down to play cards with my father.

A Journey Playing Cards To The Real Gambling Site

Arming yourself with an aluminum two-zone airfare to Las Vegas, you’d pack your things and march into the casino. We entered the Pines casino and since the double-zero Patience cards were in fashion, we decided to bet the rainbow and try to cover the set of cards in the Patience Lounge.

Double-zero cards made a nice rainbow. The dealer had set a box behind the layout charging $5 a game for tips. It was to be our little get together prior to the big trip. Unfortunately the trip did not go as planned and we did not get to play the cards.

After returning from Las Vegas, we attempted to collect the money but to no avail. cholesterol knew a lot about cards and he was good with a deck of cards. He always seemed to have a new idea at his fingertips and he was always improving on the designs.

After about a month of playing cards, we decided it was time to take him to a card party. We chose a card party location, found a card table that was shape of a dining room table–big–and no legs. It had a circular depression in the middle of the table for the dealer.

We had it set up with a blanket and chairs around it and waited for him to show. It was a Sunday afternoon and his father was dying until about eleven p.m. or so.

We had put money in the dining room and it was just past midnight when we heard ourselves jubilling the dice off the table. Oops! It must have scared the neighbors since there were seven of us in the house. What had we gotten ourselves into?

That evening we drank ourselves to a stupor and continued the weekly tradition of getting into old habits. We had a loaded deck of cards and just taken them off the Christmas tree. It was about time to start a game of poker with some of the guys.

Except we had no cards. And we had no idea how to play poker, except for the basic rules of what the guy on the corner selling beer knew when he drank.

This is about the time I picked up a deck of cards and began the slow roll to card death except there’s no alcohol in alcohol.

And I had no idea how to deal cards either; it would be better if someone else did it since I wasn’t able to hold my own. So it was a new story, but I began to pace the floor.

Then it began to seem that I was not having a very good poker night. I couldn’t keep my eyes off the fantastic sights in the casino. I kept looking at the eyes of the players as they looked at their hands.

Fantastic Scenery at The Casino

I couldn’t wait to tell my friends at the bar that they would all get a kick out of looking at the eyes. All twelve of them figured that the big game should begin with the examining of the hands.

I couldn’t wait to tell them, “We’re all broke, but I’ve got the biggest one here.” But before I could get any words out, someone said, “He has Royal flush.”

I had to wipe a brimstone across my eyes to stop the squawks that were likely to appear, but I knew better than to say a word.

At last theWSOP entered its second day with about eighty players. I moved down to about ten, to keep the action moving for the nine-handed tables.

Late addition due to rain had meant the playing surface was very soft, causing the big stacks to scamhere on ever hand, leaving very little for the short stacks.

I was able to sit out a couple of hands before the weather improved. Four or five of the players were still to be eliminated. I picked up a small stack and began the slow process of elimination. Just as I was about to leave, the single largest stack called.

I knew immediately that he had it and was about to eliminate me. I scrambled to take back my heels, but the play had deprived me of the chips I needed. I realized later that that one mistake alone would have been fatal. All those nine hours and not one word of complaint. Larning a buck or two for my time, yet spending more for the privilege of moving to a larger pot.

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