How Good are The Advantages of Online Gambling

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Advantages of Online Gambling

How good are the advantages of online gambling. The appearance of the www.m88.com site since last Friday night has stopped displaying pictures of beautiful young girls with oriental faces. In fact, the day before, the online gambling site that offered various gambling games could still be accessed.

“We have blocked the site after receiving a request from the Police Headquarters,” a spokesman for the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Ismail Cawidu, told Tempo last Friday.

On August 22, the Cyber ​​Crime Unit at the National Police Headquarters reported at least 122 online gambling sites. It took several days to process all applications for blocking because they had to go through the Ministry’s complicated bureaucratic routes.

“We can just process it directly, but the application must be sent via the official email of the Ministry of Communication and Information, namely, [email protected],” said Ismail.

Not only blocking, at least eight people who work at the site mansion88 or better known as m88.com have been arrested by the police since the end of last May. The mansion88 online gambling organizer network was revealed from the results of police investigations for almost a full year.

The Advantages of Online Gambling in Indonesia

Initially, the Cyber ​​Crime Unit investigators pretended to be disguised as online gambling players. Then register with the gambling site. The registration process to become a member on this online gambling site is not difficult. It is enough to pay a deposit of IDR 150 thousand and fill out the registration form.

Registrants will then be given a username and password by the site manager. The registration form contains a request for information regarding the player’s name, cell phone number, email address and account number.

However, the police could not trace and make an arrest in person. This is because the Internet protocol (IP) address — the address for accessing the online gambling site — is registered overseas. “M88 is affiliated with a gambling company from the Philippines.

There, gambling is legal and has an official permit, “said Head of the Sub-directorate for the Cyber ​​Crime Unit, Sr. Comr. Rahmad Wibowo. Methods like this, said Rahmad, are commonly used by cybercriminals to secure their criminal actions.

The complexity of a Police Investigation

The police investigation began by using the account number instructions provided by the online gambling site customer service. But this too is not an easy matter. When tracing these account numbers, it turned out that many obstacles were encountered.

The reason is because it turns out that many of these account numbers use fake addresses and identities. “There are also those who use the name of their brother without their knowledge,” said Rahmad.

The online gambling manager uses a mode by using a different account number. One account is used to receive deposits. Meanwhile other accounts are used to send money to winning gamblers. This method is used to prevent monitoring from the Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center.

After tracing the existence of several account numbers. Police investigators finally managed to penetrate this trusted online bookie network. The identities of the m88 site workers began to be revealed. A man with the initials LK was later arrested in Medan.

Another person with the initials P was arrested at Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta. Meanwhile, the AC perpetrator and five other people were arrested in the Batu Tulis area, Central Jakarta. “The workers at this gambling site don’t know each other. They have been working independently, ”said Rahmad. They are just waiting for orders from the big boss who is said to be in the Philippines.

The roles of the three suspects are different

The LK suspect is in charge of transferring money to several accounts every day. The order to transfer is given via email sent by someone with the initials H who is in the Philippines. To investigators, LK admitted that he was willing to work after being offered a job by H at the mansion88 site. LK admitted that he met H at a mall in Medan. “The LK suspect is given a salary of around Rp 30 million per month,” said Rahmad.

The suspect P was previously known to have worked as a member of the mansion88 marketing team in the Philippines. When he returned to Indonesia, P got the same assignment. P payment is the same as LK, which is 30 million per month. While the other six people are members of the team working to transfer money for the gambling winners.

From the mansion88, the police froze at least hundreds of accounts totaling Rp 111 billion. “We don’t know how these funds were collected. Or how long have they been operating, “said Rahmad.

Until now, not one party has asked for the blocking of the account to be lifted.

Apart from confiscating hundreds of blocked accounts belonging to m88.com. The Cyber ​​Crime Unit also submitted a blocking request to the Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center regarding 119 accounts that were allegedly used for online gambling. The total of these accounts contains around IDR 8 billion.

According to Rahmad, all these accounts were not the last collector of funds. “Most of these accounts are used to channel funds to gambling site centers located in the Philippines or Cambodia,” he said.

The arrest of bookie Yudith Devian Martan

This is not the only time the Indonesian National Police have succeeded in arresting online bookies. Last January, the Jakarta Metro Jaya Police’s Special Task Force to Eradicate Online Gambling succeeded in arresting online gambling perpetrators named Reza Radity and Yudith Devian Martan.

Advantages of Online Gambling

The two of them were caught running the duniabola.net site and four other gambling sites, namely www.agenindo.com, www.greysnow.com, www.bdbola.com, and www.agentsbobetonline.com.

All of them are agents of the extension of the trusted international online gambling site. Namely, IBCBet and SBOBet, ​​which are headquartered in the Philippines and Singapore. The perpetrators claimed to have been agents of the two trusted and leading online bookies in Southeast Asia since 2011.

To become an IBCBet and SBOBet agent. Yudith admitted that he had to deposit an initial capital of Rp1 billion. This one billion worth of money will later be deducted. Discounts are made every time they place bets for gamblers in Indonesia on the SBOBet and IBCBet central sites.

From this online gambling business, Yudith has managed to make a net profit of around Rp. 500 million every month. Meanwhile, the circulation of money from this gambling business is more than IDR 1 billion per month. Every time you place a bet, a player is usually pegged to have a minimum of IDR 50,000 to pay.

Previously, in 2012, Polda Metro Jaya also raided the house of one of the gambling agents on the website www.kakakdewa.com in Jati Padang area, Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta. From the house, the police managed to secure RH suspect and six of his men.

Kakakdewa.com’s profit is estimated to reach billions of rupiah every month

This kakdewa.com site has about 22 thousand members. This gambling site has been operating since 2010. Players who register on the kakdewa site are required to pay a deposit of IDR 200 thousand.

After that, the player will get a username and password. After registration, players can immediately use the sites www.shobet.com and www.ibcbet.com to bet on various types of soccer betting bets.

As for gamblers who want to play roulette gambling, they will be linked to the site www.338a.com. Meanwhile, the types of baccarat gambling will be linked through the site www.grand628.com.

On August 22, Cyber ​​Crime Police Headquarters asked the Ministry of Communication and Information to block all of these sites.

The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology explained that the handling of online gambling sites is very different from pornographic sites.

Kominfo claims to need a report from the police to block all online gambling sites.

Meanwhile, regarding pornographic sites, Kominfo has the right and authority to block all sites that contain pornographic content. Both at home and abroad. This authority is regulated in the Information and Electronic Transactions Law and the Pornography Law.

As for the type of online gambling site, the blocking can only be implemented after special evidence is found and a report to the Ministry of Communication.

The Ministry then blocks these sites by sending blocking requests to Internet service providers or ISPs.

According to IT practitioner Nathan Gusti Ryan, there are many techniques that can be used to unblock a site. The manner in which this technique is used is widespread on various websites and on the Internet community.

One of them is by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

VPN is a private connection over a public network or the Internet. VPN users can use the domain address of servers located abroad. So that you can directly access sites that are blocked by networks in Indonesia.

“This one-sided blocking does not actually eliminate access to gambling sites. Its function is only to minimize it, ”said Nathan.

source: Tempo Media

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