What Are the Odds of Winning the Lottery?

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Winning the Lottery

Winning the Lottery – The winner of the UK lottery draw recently was somebody that nobody would have expected. eighty year old outline strategy enthusiast Lancelot ‘lesnake’ Franks who has made it his life’s work to find ways to beat the lottery.

His approach is not drily focused on hitting the jackpot. His main ambition is to make the Prediction shop at Camelot, the public service organisation that represents interests in playing the National Lottery.

He is a player himself and knows what it takes to go on with the business of playing. I meet him at the Odds of Winning lottery counter and he takes me to the dark side of the lottery profession.

He taught me how to spot a good opportunity and to value my investment in a winning number. We sat down and discussed ‘Lucky Dips’, the pools, sweepstakes and scratch cards that promise riches but which deliver nothing.

He explained that if you follow the numbers enough, and you are patient, you will win. And I was dumbfounded. I had no idea how he could know that. How could I know that?

But I did know that I had an advantage. Because he was willing to share, or rather share his knowledge, I could piece together my own method of drawing numbers that guaranteed I would win in the UK Lottery draw.

Now that we were together, I decided to go to the lottery shop that night and play ‘Lucky Dip’. I dropped my coins into a chippie box, and left the same chippie in the cup holder. I picked out the same number from the same shop, and needless to say I repeated the process.

This time though, I won. I didn’t win the top prize, that was an expensive toy, but I won enough to buy myself a new car! I must have been invincible then! I haven’t had a scratchie since…

This article is not to encourage you to commit lottery fraud. Unfortunately there are people out there who seem to dream of ways to win the lottery and will believe anything if enough people are buying. Be warned that majority of fraud takes place on the recommendation of genuine lottery guides that cannot be separate from the legitimate owners.

However, this article is intended to draw your attention to the fact that you can overcome the biggest drawback to any lottery method by using the same numbers over and over again. You will understand the power of the Martingale system. Learn the best way to get amazing profits from gambling on the judi online site that will make you big money.

Winning the Lottery: Let us look at the rudimentary workings of the Martingale System

For the sake of the simplicity, we can use the Baseball odds (also known as the Money Line) and simply count up 11. If we bet on Red or Black, we would be risking $11 to win $10.

The Only Way to win at this point is to have all of your 11 bets win. This is known as ‘abilities’. To demonstrate, lets say everyone bets on Black. Only then everybody has a total of 33 bets left.

The Betting ExchangeNext step is that we exchange our 11 bets(adium Exchange) for a single bet of $10. We bet $10 to win $20. The method is then the same as our Single Number bet. The only difference is that we bet EUROPEAN BETSdaq, not dollars.

Still using the above example, we bet on Red and lose. However, we have gained $100 for our $10 bet(Single Number). This means we have limped back $20, only to lose again, for a total of $40.

But this one is different. Because we beat the roulette wheel, we expect to win our second bet, the EUROPEAN BETS exchange. Because of the 2.7% commission, we have done this 4 times in a row.

Where’s the Catch?

Even though itworks when playing roulette, when it comes to betting exchanges, it is nothing more than chasing losses. In Theamelottery example above, it would have taken two in the order to win those bets.

While professional gamblers may be in the same syndicate with 10 or even 100 members, the odds of winning are still highly against you. You can also see the house edge in the example above grow inexorably towards the house.

You must realise though that the more you learn about how the roulette wheels are generated, the better you will become at spotting these opportunities and making money usingthe lottery.

That’s an interesting review about What Are the Odds of Winning the Lottery that I can present to you, Hopefully it can be information that inspires you. /Aha

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