World Series of Poker 2021

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World Series of Poker 2021 will be held soon. But we should know that World Series of Poker 2019 event ended with a total of 8,569 participants. Nearly lost the record held by the 2006 World Series of Poker (8,773 participants). 

Most people assumed that the 2020 WSOP main event would set records, given the growing number of US states offering legal online poker. But now, the pandemic has hit and this is affecting the number of people signing up to become poker players. As a result, the WSOP committee had to rapidly change their strategy as well as their various events.

Where World Series of Poker 2022 Will Be Held?

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Source: wsop.com

Earlier this week, the World Series of Poker announced plans for the full World Series of Poker 2021 series. This event is an event to be held this fall in Las Vegas. There was a lot of optimism after the announcement of the event, as some believed that the main event could set a record attendance this year. There are two possibilities that could happen and we will discuss more.

This optimism seems misplaced for this year, even though the main event of the World Series of Poker 2022, in our opinion, would easily break participant records. This is because the WSOP will be an event that will arouse the interest of many players to fight back in this popular sport.

When is the World Series of Poker Event

World Series of Poker 2021
Image: Joe Giron/WSOP

The World Series of Poker 2021 will kick off in less than six months, as it will officially kick off at the end of September. It is very possible or there is also a possibility that the events of this WSOP could be postponed until 2022.

While countries like the United States do well when it comes to vaccinating their citizens, other countries (such as Canada) are lagging far behind. This will have an impact on attendance numbers this year.

In addition, we hope that many people will choose not to travel this year, even if they have already been vaccinated. If you’re a poker player in Europe, you likely won’t be looking for a trip to Las Vegas this year.

The World Series of Poker attracts crowds from all corners of the globe, and a reluctance to travel in 2021 will ruin this event in terms of attendance.

The Future Where World Series of Poker

The year 2022, however, is likely to be a much different story. Assuming that all went well ahead of the vaccinations then the program would continue normally.

To begin with, many people will be excited to travel again. And visiting Las Vegas will be a lucrative option for poker players. Many people have built up their savings during the pandemic. Because they cannot spend their money on anything other than food and shelter.

Due to these events, legal online poker will be more widespread in the United States in the future. And for sure, the online poker sites operating in this state will be heavily promoting the WSOP prize package.

We don’t know if the World Series of Poker in 2022 will be the same as WOSP 2021. However, our one estimate is that in the end there will be more than 10,000 participants in the main event of the 2022 WSOP.

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