The site is a topic-focused business news portal; economics, technology, anthropology, politics, games, anything related to the internet.

Several articles on this site, have been cited as references to big and classy websites. Among them are Popular Science, Forbes, Financial Times Alphaville, InoSmi RIA Novosti, AllThingsD, Zero Hedge, and (most importantly) the front pages of Reddit and Hacker News.

Simulacrum (from Latin for “similarity, similarity”) was used by the French postmodernist Jean Baudrillard to describe an original, a simulation designed to cover up the absence of reality.

We love the word “Simulacrum”. And this is then applied in the domain name of this site, namely; simulacrum.cc

We do not claim the name Simulacrum belongs to us. However, for the simulacrum.cc domain, we are the only one in the world.

CC is the domain of the Cocos Islands, a collection of tropical atolls and coral reefs in the Indian Ocean. Unfortunately, I don’t live there. I originally chose it as a reference to Creative Commons, and because I liked references to “carbon copy” (like in Cc email) that played on the meaning of simulacrum.

But CC can also be a local internet cafe, your credit card, supplementary currency, or even a cheat code, all themes that are incorporated into the broader concept of simulation, and thus the spirit of this blog.

This site was previously owned by a student who was interested in the world of bitcoin. There are so many masterpieces in the form of articles posted on this site. I know that, from the early history of this domain at archive.org

From there, I know that this blog was started by someone based in London, England. Postgraduate researcher in UCL’s anthropology department studying the Bitcoin community. According to the data, the person later joined CoinJar, Australia’s largest digital wallet service, as their leader in the UK.

I don’t know why the previous owner killed this cool site. So that the simulacrum.cc domain is expired and sold by a domain broker.

I, decided to buy this domain and rebuild, which may be a slightly different concept.

Some old posts, I republished. Because I see some big sites are still linking certain pages as sources. I retrieved some data and articles from archive.org. Then repost and make a few adjustments, so that the link can work normally.

If you suddenly land on this page, and want to know the owner.

I am Dedi Ariko, living in Indonesia.