Nova88: Discovering A Popular Best Online Casino Malaysia

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Nova88 casino
Nova88 casino

A popular sport betting in Malaysia, Nova88 lets you play lots of entertainment anytime and anywhere 24/7! As it is powered by many reputable softwares, you can play casino games either through your browser using the instant play or download the mobile app version to your smartphone. 

With over 20 years in the industry, it is still relative for new players to the online gambling experience, and it has never stopped from becoming a popular gaming platform on the internet. However, is Nova88 online the best casino in Malaysia that meets your needs, or do you need to walk away and find another online casino? Let’s figure it out from our Nova88 review in this article. 

Nova88: Discovering A Popular Best Online Casino Malaysia

✅ Exclusive bonus up to 300%
✅ A thousand games collections
❌Unknown gaming license
❌ Web design and interface really need to be fixed

For 20 years ago, Nova88 started their operation in gambling industry, and now they are recognized as the most trusted brand in Asia. As the best online sports betting in Malaysia, they cover more than 100 football leagues and provide more than 5,000 events and 13,000 per month. 

You as a sport betting fan will also enjoy a wide variety of casino games. To figure out more about this online casino, let’s read our review below. 

Nova88’s Certification and License

In online casinos, certification and license refer to the regulatory approvals that are used by the casino operator to ensure compliance with legal and industry standards. This is a proof to find out if an online casino is trusted, secure, and safe. We have 2 pieces of news for you here: one is good and one is vice versa. 

The good news is, Nova88 is licensed by 2 authorities: Antillephone and XCM. However, the bad news is we never heard of those authorities in gambling industry. Perhaps, if we search them in website development context, they have relation to the web’s security. But we just wanted to know who is gambling authority gave the license to Nova88 online casino. 

No, we didn’t say that Nova88 is a scam or not trusted. However, we just want to make sure that they operate legally in their jurisdiction. That is why, all players need to know who are the authorities that gave Nova88 licenses. 

Nova88’s Casino Games Portfolio

Even though we couldn’t find any names’s authorities who are given the licenses for Nova88, however, they are very proud to offer a thousand of casino games portfolio. That is why, many local players in Malaysia chose this online casino as the biggest gaming platform on the internet. 

1. Sports Betting Online

As we know, sports betting is a casino game that involves predicting the results of different sports competitions. Players who take part in this game will place a bet with a bookmaker. This is a popular worldwide game that can be played in Nova88. 

Local players love to play sports betting as it is fair and transparent. You can play from the lowest bet to get a big chance of winning. In addition, you can also take part to predict the final scores for big sports clubs, such as Manchester United, Aston Villa, Dortmund, and more. Besides football clubs, you can also gamble for basketball matches, boxing, and rugby. 

2. Slot Game Online

Another excitement in Nova88, an online slot game is a popular game which is very easy to play. You can play for a small bet to get a big chance of winning by spinning the reels. The outcome will show up on your screen after the matching symbols appear on any paylines. This is a type of gambling based on players’ luck. 

Moreover, Nova88 best online Malaysia claims that they are powered by any reputable softwares, such as Pragmatic Play, NetEnt, Spadegaming, AdvantPlay, and more. If you are interested in playing online slot machines, then you need to try a few hot games: Green Slor, Troll Haven, Gates of Olympus, and Hot Hot Fruit today. 

3. Live Casino Online

As one of local players’ favorites on Nova88 casino Malaysia, live casino is a type of gambling game that includes an interaction between players and real dealers. You will see how the dealers put cards on the table, unfold them, and how to calculate the winnings in real time. In addition, you can play some type of live casino online, such as baccarat, blackjack, and roulette. 

4. Fishing Online Game

Move to another game, you can play fishing games in Nova88, the best casino in Malaysia. If you have no idea what the game is, it is a shooting game with an aquatic theme (most games). To play it, you have to choose a weapon to shoot fishes or other targets. It is kind of a relaxing moment to have. You can play from Zombie Party, Fishing War, Alien Hunter, and Fish Haiba. 

5. Lottery Online Game

The last one, you can participate in an online lottery game in Nova88 best casino Malaysia. To play it, you need to buy tickets and select the numbers or use quick pick options to automatically generate random numbers for them. Online lottery is also one of the players’ favorites as it has a big chance of winning million prizes. 

Nova88’s Payment Methods

Same with most online casinos in Malaysia, Nova88 online casino has flexible payment methods to its players. They accept local banks, e-wallet gateway, and cryptocurrency. These methods can be used if you want to make deposits or withdrawals.

  • Minimum Deposit: MYR 20
  • Minimum Withdrawal: MYR 50

You need to wait at least 5 minutes in the deposit and withdrawal process. Actually, it is very normal processing time in online casino Malaysia. We are quite satisfied with this service as we don’t have to wait any longer. 

Nova88’s Customer Support

To give the best service to all players, Nova88 has Customer Support. We are quite satisfied with their CS, because our chat has been responded to very fast. They even reply to our chat within a minute with a useful solution. Then, if you are interested in placing a bet in this online casino, then you don’t have any reason to be worried. 

Nova88’s Bonus and Promotion

Offering any bonuses and promotions are very normal in the online gambling industry. We might not be surprised anymore if a brand can offer up to 500% bonus for all players. 

That is why, when we claimed a bonus at Nova88 best casino, we just said “okay, it worthed..”. However, you must be very curious about what’s the best offer in this online casino. Let’s take a look:

1. Welcome Bonus up to 300%

A Welcome Bonus is an introductory offer provided in Nova88 online casino. For all players who just signed up in this best casino Malaysia, they can claim it after making their first deposit. There are 3 types of  welcome bonus that can be claimed today:

  • Sports betting 100%
  • Live casino 150%
  • E sports 250%
  • Slots 300%

You can claim it at least 18 days 5 hours after registering a new account. Make sure to claim this bonus as fast as you can after making the first deposit. 

2. Unlimited Reload Bonus 10%

Do you want to get a bonus everyday? If yes, Nova88 provides you with an Unlimited Reload Bonus 10%! This bonus will be rewarded by calculating your deposits in a day. You will get a 10% extra bonus (maximal MYR 300) from your deposits. 

3. Birthday Bonus Exclusive

Nova88 as the best online casino Malaysia will also reward you with an exclusive birthday bonus! You can get up to MYR 1,888 to celebrate your special birthday moment. However, you need to be an active player for at least 3 months to get this bonus. 

Nova88’s Web Design and Interface

Even though Nova88 Malaysia online casino has a few plus things, however, they actually have a minus one that we think is somehow fatal. Yes, it is about their  web design and interface which is actually their branding. 

If you can be critical, it must be very easy for you to find one thing that is missing from the header. Yes, where is the brand logo? Who has stolen it from the top of the site?

Brand logo is one of the most important things to put on the top of gambling site. If they want to be the biggest gaming platform in Asia, how can people recognize them if they don’t put the brand logo? People can even think it is a scam or unsecure. 

Another negative thing about Nova88 online casino Malaysia, they seem like unready to manage a gambling platform. Why? You can look at this:

If we click the Lottery game menu, what will appear are just those game types. Where is the header image of the page? Where is the short information about the game? This is very unhelpful for people who have just visited Nova88 online casino. They might run away and look for another online casino website. 

Nova88’s Mobile App

Do you think we are surprised with the Nova88 mobile app? Unfortunately no, because it has the largest casino app size that we have found. You need to download for 52 MB on your device (iOs and Android only). Some of you might think it is not as big as we think. No, if you can compare it to other apps (which is normally just 8 – 9 MB size), this online casino has the largest mobile app size. 

Nova88 Special Features

After getting results on our review of Nova88, we don’t have higher hopes with this online casino. However, they can cheer us a little bit with their special features: VIP Program and Leaderboard. Then, what are those?

1. VIP Program

VIP Program is an exclusive treatment from Nova88 to its loyal members. By joining this program, you can get their commitments in delivering the best services, benefits, and options. In addition, this program will also increase your gaming experience with special treatments. 

In Nova88 online casino Malaysia, there are 6 different VIP Program: Vintage Club, Silver Club, Gold Club, Titanium Club, Diamond Club, and Nova Club. Each of them have different special treatments. Then, you need to meet the requirements to get all the benefits.

2. Leaderboard

Nova88 offers a leaderboard special feature to motivate players to become more active in playing casino games. Why? Because the leaderboard rank will show players’ username with their turnover bonus. The more you deposit in this online casino, the more benefits you will get!

Nova88’s Official Partner

Luckily, Nova88 has announced to become the official partner of Sevilla FC, a famous football player. This online casino signs with the club with a hope of gaining attention from the club’s audiences. If you are a sports fan, you will be happy with this good news. 

How to Register New Account in Nova88 Best Online Casino Malaysia

Are you interested in placing a bet in Nova88 online casino Malaysia? If you are and ready to become a loyal player, then you need follow these steps to create a new account:

1. Click Register at the right top of corner

2. After that, you will be directed to a new page to fill the registration forms. Make sure you input the valid information to avoid any troubles next time. If you are done, click Submit

3. Wait for a while and your Nova88’s account will be successfully registered! Now, you can make deposits and play whatever casino games you like. 

Final Thoughts

Alright, those are our honest reviews about Nova88 online casino in Malaysia. We don’t say this is the worst, but they need many improvements, especially in web design and interface. As the local players’ favorite place to gambling, we are a bit sad about their user-interface. 

Besides it, they can offer a Welcome Bonus which is super big up to 300%! If you are interested in getting a big bonus, then we highly recommend this online casino website for you! At least, they offer what can be beneficial for you. 

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