Review Movie: God of Gamblers Vegas to Macau

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Review Movie: God of Gamblers Vegas to Macau
Review Movie: God of Gamblers Vegas to Macau

Have you ever played a gambling? Or you just have a curiosity about its world? Then you should watch the movies about God of gamblers Vegas to Macau

These movies are so relatable to the real-world of gambling. Moreover, if you are not into that world, you will know what it looks like, how the games are, and how people play them. 

God of Gamblers Vegas to Macau Review

  1. God of Gamblers

It’s a Hong Kong Movie in1989 which has genre action and comedy. God of Gamblers is directed by Wong Jing and led by Chow Yun-fat and Andy Lau. 

The character Ko Chun is a famous gambler, he is talented and renowned to become a winner at various games of chance. That is why he is referred to as a God of Gamblers. He keeps his privacy about identity from the public, however, people know his three characteristics, has slicked-back hair, love Feodora brand chocolate, and Ko Chun’s jade pinky ring.

Once in a while, Ko Chun goes to Tokyo with his girlfriend, Janet and his cousin, Ko Yee for a match to defeat Tanaka who is the top ranked gambler in that city. In the end, he defeats Tanaka and that is the reason why people call him ‘really God’.

  1. From Vegas to Macau

It’s also a Hong Kong Movie in 2016 with the same genre, action and comedy. From Vegas to Macau is directed by Andrew Lau and Wong Jin. The actors like Chow Yun-fat, Andy Lau, and Nick Cheung make this movie amazing. 

From Vegas to Macau actually ended up with 3 parts. It’s a gambling movie which has good reviews. People think the movie really showed what the gambling really looks like. Sometimes, people cannot escape from the crime like in God of gamblers Vegas to Macau.

That’s why not everyone wants to join gambling, because it is close to crime.

Why People Acted in Gambling Movie

Yes, it is just for entertainment. However, if you are not into the gambling world, you will know what it looks like. Gambling is a fun game for some people who like it, however, it sometimes becomes a disaster.

If you want to join gambling, make sure you are ready for every risk. The most important risk is losing the money. You have to prepare and be ready after you pay for a deposit, you will have 2 chances, win or lose. If you win, of course you will get the money back. However, if you lose, you will lose your money too. 

That is the God of gamblers Vegas to Macau works, to show the world what is gambling. People like that movie because it is so relatable to the real game. In addition, genres like action and comedy are so entertaining. 

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