Online Togel Gambling With Billions of Earning in NTB Dismantled by Police Successfully!

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The circulation of online gambling is becoming increasingly worrying. Site growth-online gambling sites such as online poker sites, online lotteries and several typescasino games are getting higher every year. One of the cases of online gambling which was recently revealed was the case of online lottery gambling billions of rupiah in West Nusa Tenggara. (11/9/2020).

Quoting an alert from the page, it was known by the Mataram Police Pum Team successfully dismantled the practice of online lottery gambling with a turnover of billions rupiah in West Nusa Tenggara.

Players Online Togel Gambling Business Has Been RunningA year and earn 60 million per day Kasat Reskrim Mataram Police AKP Kadek Adi Budi Astawa explained that the uncovering of this fantastic online lottery gambling case started from citizen information.

“From the follow-up information, the Puma Team managed to catch the dealer with evidence that strengthens the practice of online gambling, “said AKP Kadek Adi Budi Astawa which was released on the page.

After conducting an investigation, it was discovered that the perpetrator played the role. This online lottery gambling dealer has the initials MA (38 years) which comes from Cakranegara Timur, Mataram City.

To investigators, the Supreme Court actors claimed to have been in the online gambling business for 1 year. From this illicit business, the perpetrators also claim to have generated a turnover up to billions of rupiah. This was explained directly by AKP Kadek Adi Budi Astawan in an interview.

“So this MA admitted that its turnover could reach billions because of this. There are quite a lot of enthusiasts, ”said AKP Kadek Adi Budi Astawan the results of his team’s investigation.

In 1 day, MA doers can generate net profits of up to 60 million rupiah. This advantage is obtained from the installation money for the lottery numbers the players.

The gambling system applied by the perpetrators is quite simple, where Lottery numbers that have been ordered will be posted through the perpetrator’s personal gambling account has been registered on the online lottery gambling server.

“So the system works, he put the customer order number through his personal account registered on the online lottery gambling server, ”said AKP Kadek Adi Budi Astawan add the description.

Police Hunt 4 Other Perpetrators

From the results of the arrest of the Supreme Court perpetrator, the police themselves managed to secure them some evidence in the form of the perpetrator’s account book, 3 units of Smartphones, calculators, lottery number order recap books and also lottery formula paper.

Not only that, the police also took part in securing MA’s personal account registered on the online lottery gambling server and also the alleged 567 thousand rupiah cash the results of ordering lottery numbers.

What is quite surprising from this online gambling case, this MA perpetrator employs 4 people who are still students. However, during the arrest process, the four MA colleagues were still students is currently not at the location of the case (location of arrest). The police himself has pocketed the identities of the four students involved in gambling this online.

Currently, the perpetrators of the Supreme Court themselves have been officially named suspects and are languishing behind the bars of the Mataram Police Headquarters. In accordance with Article 303 of the Criminal Code, Paragraph 1 about gambling. MA is threatened with a maximum imprisonment of 10

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